My Process

Chaos to Clarity


Most people in our field get that the Design process is messy. No less messy and chaotic is the Design Research process, i.e. deciphering signals, turning them into data and drawing out insights to be shared in ways catered to a given audience. Here’s my process:

1. Collect raw information in as many forms as possible

Qualitative: Observations, interviews, diary entries, focus groups, etc.
Quantitative-ish: Survey responses, card sorts/tree tests, etc…

fbk_raw  sakaiData

2.  Analyze 

mobileRaw  card sort (Excel – surveys, card sorts)

3. Synthesize – rehashing iteratively

postIts –> IMG_2735  & IMG_2732

4. Reformulate into insights (sense-making)


5. Organize and Report (according to audience)