Tools of My Trade

(Note that Morae is not among these – ask me why…)

  • GoToMeeting, WebEx, and/or Google Hangouts for remote testing
  • Slack for internal team participation and time-stamped notetaking
  • Optimal Sort for Tree Testing, Online Card Sorts
  • for quick user input
  • UsabilityHub for 5-second tests, preference testing, etc.
  • Survey Monkey and Qualtrics for surveys and so much more!
  • Facebook for its Secret Groups used as (free) customer panels
  • Email, texting and smart phone camera as user journal tools
  • Testflight for loading coded mobile prototypes
  • Invision and Flinto prototyping applications (mobile and website)
  • Upwork’s quick video and audio transcription service
  • Cohdoo “Highlight” app for audio notes – no longer supported, sadly
  • Trello for project management, Google docs for info management
  • External recruiters such as Schlesinger and Fieldwork