Mobile device testing

SmartWorlds, Inc. Usability Test
Test Report for iShop software on handheld device
Stakeholder Presentation on Test Results 

Excerpt of Test Report
This diagnostic usability test of iShop was designed to provide four levels of information about the application based on test participant experience among the Web-savvy, gadget-loving 20-50 year old user population:

  1.  Uncover usability issues with the application independent of the information entry mode, and rate the severity of these issues to make design recommendations to SmartWorlds.
  2. Observe how learnable the application seems for participants, i.e. how comfortably participants function with it after repeating the same scanning tasks over the course of the test.
  3. Observe participants’ ease-of-use  with, and preference of, bar code entry mode (touchpad or scanner).
  4. Learn how satisfied participants are with their overall experience, including the features or functionality (e.g. printing) that they would enjoy seeing added to the application.

The Test was conducted with 8 participants for formal testing (and with one for the pilot).  The test participants were divided into two groups: four who first entered barcode information using the external scanner, and the other four who first entered information using the touchpad within the application.  The groups alternated in testing order. Care was taken to select participants whose age range was similar to both that of the population of interest to the SmartWorlds team, and the bookstore visitor population observed on-site.