MIT-Sakai Gradebook

MIT Online Gradebook Project

MIT began the development of a modular “Gradebook” tool, designed to be interoperable with other tools to be used as part of the Sakai Project initiative, a software development project founded by The University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford, the uPortal Consortium, and the Open Knowledge Initiative.  The Sakai Educational Partners’ Program extended this community source project to other academic institutions around the world.


Presentation to external audiences   (.pdf, 1,120kb)
This document provides an overview of the entire project, summarizing the research steps taken in preparation to hand over the design recommendations to the internal MIT design group.

Personas developed for the project (.pdf, 40kb)
The two personas detailed here represent opposite sides of the ‘tech-savvy’ spectrum. The presentation above points to specific design/functionality recommendations that would accommodate both the basic and more advanced user.

Data Collection Methods (.pdf, 17kb)
Here is an outline of the methods used for this project: ethnographic research, focus groups, interviews and surveys.

Data to Design document (.pdf, 2,378kb)
This document contains the team’s data collection protocols and analysis, leading up to task flows (Visio).